Can’t lay prone? Elevated?
No problem.

Whether you are a competitive shooter or avid hunter, LuckettSticks can fit your needs. These simple to use and light weight sticks create a solid elevated shooting position. LuckettSticks are made from high strength carbon fiber that easily fold for carrying or storing. Getting impacts on steel targets or vital shots on game, LuckettSticks are what you need!

Who we are.

LuckettSticks were created by professional hunter, Mike Luckett. He wanted a way to be sure that no matter what the setting for his shoots, he would be prepared and solid when it came time to squeeze the trigger. With the invention of these one pound, carbon fiber stabilizers, he knew he would have a rock solid position.


The sleek and simple design of LuckettSticks makes it a product that you can easily grab and go with. They are lightweight, collapsible and often times can fit right in your pack.


We all have that miss that we wish we could do over again. Whether it's wounding an animal or missing a target, always be solid when squeezing the trigger.